> The Boy Who Tried Wolfie - gay tube

Lucas Knowles is back this week and we're not about to complain. We know a fan favorite when we see one and this 33 year old import from Poland is definitely top notch. Today, Lucas' playmate is a new comer that goes by the name of Wolfie Blue. Wolfie is 25 years old incredibly charming and from Eastern Europe. Both of these studs are, aside from uncut, well traveled; so we thought we'd ask them for some tips on where to go while on vacation. It seems logical. Given the opportunity, Lucas would go back to Azerbaijan. Bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east and Russia to the north, The Republic of Azerbaijan is a beautiful place to visit still true to its ancient culture and history. (Relax; we had to look it up, too) Wolfie would like to get back to Peru, Tupac Amaru, to be specific. One of the last holdouts of the mighty Incan Empire before falling to the Spanish, Amaru is still unearthing ancient artifacts that shed light of their primitive past. We then decided to make the question a tad easier and asked which country in their opinion has the hottest men. Wolfie has a thing for rugged Aussie men, so